On: Pencils

I wrote pencils in response to something I saw on the internet. It was some sort of trend that apparently has some sort of relevance to whether you were “a real woman” and this test involved seeing if you could hold up pencils using only your breasts. A picture accompanied this article which was of this taking place. The pencil or other similar writing implement (pens were also suitable) had to be held up underneath the breast. If I could draw a diagram I would but I think you get the picture.

Anyway, it reminded me of that “challenge” a while ago that had people standing in front of their cameras with an A4 piece of paper held up in a strange ritualistic display, where they had to prove that their waists were narrower than said piece of paper.

It’s similar to the whole “thigh gap” phenomenon a few years ago and just like that, it made me feel uneasy.

I thought of a younger, more body conscious me, and how I would’ve responded to this and it hurts me to know that these sorts of things make the rounds. What is their purpose apart from to make people feel unworthy and unwelcome?


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