Untepid, boiling from the outset and difficult to find

I need a witchcraft pull,

A Well-read Satan in shiny boots,

A figure that commands a room or a corridor without speech.

Ooze delicious risk.

I want Them to want me

They do, and

I’m proud and pulled

And we’re sultry together and people look.

You’ve got height and strong edges,

Busy, expressive face




Open about your faults and problems.

You’ve lived a bit of life and I like that.

I hate stoicism.

This won’t fizzle,

I’ll still think about you years later and we’ll both wish we could have made it work.

The strongest loves I’ve known, the most enduring, are these,

I’ve never had one that’s grown into anything as strong as the witchcraft pull

That’s so rare.



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