Writing about friends II (Apple seed -> Peach tree)

And what if I want to blend friend stories with other things,

What if a word or set leads me down a different path and the original subject becomes merely the source of something else entirely?

How do I explain that?

They might think I don’t think they’re interesting enough for a whole poem…

Or perhaps I’ll start writing about them and then it’ll flow onto something else that happens to be on my mind and they’ll recognise a part of themselves and then it’ll go somewhere unexpected,

Maybe bleaker,

Maybe sweary,

Maybe sexy alphabet soup,

Maybe blank and disparate or maybe taking the piss,

Maybe me just enjoying being alliterative or rhymey and not focusing.

Sometimes I like to run with images,

And often, breaks where I say that I’m changing the subject can make the poem fractured,

I like to let it flow, and some of the time it becomes a new thing, and not what I intended it to be.

I might plant an apple seed that grows into a peach tree, or a cactus, or a bread bin.

And I don’t want people to judge my bread bin at the apple tree contest.

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