CRH (a warning from monkey)

I wouldn’t tell you where I write my stories,

You said you’d still find it,

And you might,

Don’t blame me if you come looking and don’t like what you see.

This is where I let everything out,

My words can play in the white meadows here,

And I can play with them,

And mix them around.

Combine our stories with other ones that you don’t know,

Or choose words for ease or rhythm.

These confessionals reveal a lot but not everything, and I wouldn’t want you to read these and then bypass talking to me, as if you know my thoughts because you’ve read them here all musical.

I just hope you wouldn’t lay your catty eyes on them and they’d become unnerved dinner plates,

And you’d slink away all skittish like you do

Because you saw a word like “love”, or “care” or “think about you”.


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