Plants and sex (For goodness sake)

I’m not really that into plants,

I mean thanks for the oxygen and stuff,

But I’m not fussed,

I mean I do need them to eat, as do all other beings.

And I am a vegan, I mean – they’re cool and useful and necessary blah blah,


The thing is.

When I write about plants,

I always turn them into human bodies,

I make it about me and other people I’m missing or I missed out on or whatever.

It’s not that I’m turned on by plants or anything,

It just happens, and before I know it I’m shamelessly writing about sap and wood and buds and growing together and all this.

There’s something about soil I like, imagining writhing around in it like a worm and being all free and wormy,

That’s kind of like sex,

Good sex anyway.

Being a little creature and doing what feels natural.

Maybe it’s because I’m just a little bit repressed in my day to day life and I like the way plants just branch out and be themselves (ha).

I use them as a conduit to talk about other things,

It’s just as well really, sometimes things can often get a bit anatomy focused and medical otherwise.

Anyway I’m going to stop analysing myself now.



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