Clicking the buttons on my controller.

Toggling toggles absent minded.

I’m just looting the oblivion wastes,

And skipping back to town to sell my treasure.

I summon spectral bodyguards and creep around unseen,

I’m a shadow shape.

I paralyze them with my hands.

They turn white and fall and I get my sword out, chopping.

I bought another house and store magical crap there.

Heavy armour that maybe I’ll come back to,

Slow blunt weapons I’m not skilled in.

All the while my mind explores your body,

I get heavy eyed – been thinking about it for an hour maybe.

I try and remember how it felt,

How you felt.

I play out what I want to happen,

I see your reactions.

I keep clicking,

I walk on the water,

I heal my wounds,

I visit alters god-like,

Leaping through the landscape, fast.

In towns people tell me how great I am – how skilled I am,

How strong I look – look at those muscles,

Greetings Breton,

You’re a bright one.

You’re a bright one and I want to slip on your dick.

I want your face between my legs and for you to do me on the kitchen table.

I keep clicking.

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