Hello :),

Welcome to headdome.

This is where my writing lives – hope you enjoy it :).

It’s mainly poems at the moment  – they’re mostly quite casual and I find they come out with less resistance than a lot of prose – partially due to their length, and partially because I often use them as a place to play around and plop words out as a cathartic exercise.

I also write short stories and essays, although I often find prose to be quite slow- growing, so those kind of posts are much less frequent.

I like to talk about:

  • Human bodies and their functions.
  • Love, sex, relationships and heartbreak
  • Nature and Other Animals (They’re in the Earth category)
  • Mental Health
  • My life experience in general (I sometimes tell stories in my poems)
  • Media (TV, Films, Video Games etc.)
  • Words and writing

I’m quite confessional and I like to use this to dissipate my venom occasionally, I know you understand, haha.

Thanks for visiting :).


P.S. Some of my autobiographical poems may be a little upsetting for some, please be aware of tags




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