Snaking layers

Dropping through gaps in moving layers


Graphic sideways view of multiple swapping options


You see the side of me

I flip to go backwards

From face on I’m a black line – the same when I face away

My limbs a jarring representation of real ones.

My hopping form gives the illusion of movement.

Layers slide on.

NPC – Part 1

My legs swung forward from the hip. I was agile. I didn’t feel the familiar and expected groaning of my calves, instead I felt happily strong and capable. I flew across the landscape without tortured breath or heaviness and I felt free.

I crawled round the house in the semi-darkness, resting often from the labour. I sighed as I plugged back in.

Looking around with alert bright eyes, I clenched my fists as I looked over across the small settlement. I climbed down from my vantage point.

Shanty buildings with a shiny sheen greeted my eye. A cliché in a chequered dress swept up pointlessly outside the cartoonish inn doors. A wind passed through as if to better animate the scene for my benefit and it tousled the cliché’s hair and gently parted the doors to the saloon. A ridiculous tumble weed crept just past her feet and she looked up to give me an empty smile.

I looked around to see if any other characters populated the area. There were none, so I walked my ridiculous cowboy walk over to the chequered caricature. Before she or I could speak I unwillingly tipped my ridiculous hat.

The sun beat down on my dirty face and it was the first time I’d felt truly uncomfortable there, as I prepared myself for speech. I wished her a good afternoon without incident and she gave me a “Howdy stranger, welcome to The Slanted Gran” in return. The name of the place appeared in my view and I felt an endorphin boost as if I’d achieved something, simply by “discovering” this new territory. Her mouth shaped the words so distinctly, with such purpose. Her eyes remained dim. She smiled at me blankly while I chose what to say.

She didn’t seem to notice I was a woman in typically masculine attire, despite the apparent time period, she didn’t seem to notice a lot. She just goofily grinned at me, her windswept hair moving in unnatural, lagging fragments.


Magical tags

Let me know where to go

I flick through the pages

I like to be doing ten things at once,

Multiple screens keep me feeling busy

Tabs, windows, pages, pens,

Pause that, Play this.

I sit on my bed controlling,

Here I have agency

When I drop them,

Put them on the floor and stare into the black mirror

I’m only myself and my feelings in the bed.

My notes compiled 3 – NPC (non-playable character)


Selling expansion (packs) –

Selling freedom.

Some things just can’t be done

because they’re not programmed in e.g.

same sex relations

or whatever-

secret societies


outside of game rules

the underground


this is for npc

the short story.




NB – This is part of an idea for a short story I’m writing – I will post it at some point, but I’m slow with prose.

I only have the beginning, which I have been tempted to post already but I need to have a another sift through it I think.



Clicking the buttons on my controller.

Toggling toggles absent minded.

I’m just looting the oblivion wastes,

And skipping back to town to sell my treasure.

I summon spectral bodyguards and creep around unseen,

I’m a shadow shape.

I paralyze them with my hands.

They turn white and fall and I get my sword out, chopping.

I bought another house and store magical crap there.

Heavy armour that maybe I’ll come back to,

Slow blunt weapons I’m not skilled in.

All the while my mind explores your body,

I get heavy eyed – been thinking about it for an hour maybe.

I try and remember how it felt,

How you felt.

I play out what I want to happen,

I see your reactions.

I keep clicking,

I walk on the water,

I heal my wounds,

I visit alters god-like,

Leaping through the landscape, fast.

In towns people tell me how great I am – how skilled I am,

How strong I look – look at those muscles,

Greetings Breton,

You’re a bright one.

You’re a bright one and I want to slip on your dick.

I want your face between my legs and for you to do me on the kitchen table.

I keep clicking.