love you bbz

Thanks for your presence,

I reach out to you and you pour attention and “love ya”s my way,

I love when you’re happy and when you’re not I wish for better for you and let you talk about the same things and I’ll never mind that.

The same things come up even in a life of dynamism,

In a life of stasis, the same happens so thanks for listening to my sameness too.

There’s no pressure to speak if we don’t want, just your general presence in my box of treasured people makes me glad.

Ellie to Sandra – The first part

“Under the soil, there’s something there

And In the water, there’s something,

An oil slick, or something, but watch close

Coz it’s quick and it slips down the river and suddenly it’s not our problem, so peel those eyes,

Something happened, I’m just not sure what –

But I’ve seen something from a different time,

Just in bits, never all together

Never all at once, but I’ve noticed,

(And I’d never lie)


One day, my dad said, when he was burying Grandad’s dog – you know Toby,

Poor lad, well he was moving back the soil,

And he told me, he said he saw a glint,

And it reminded him of a different time, in his youth,

But he was scared so he covered it over.

But I remember how he looked, when he let it out of his mouth and into my ear,

When I was privvy to the confession that he witnessed it.

So maybe, I’m thinking, we should go to the creek,

Where no one can see, and just dig around a bit.

It can be our coming of age story, we can tell our kids about it and one day maybe they’ll investigate, but they’ll have our added knowledge,

We can help them, even if we’re dead,

With a secret clue, that other parents were too scared to look into when they were younger.”

Real World Computer 3

I stand between

Can we resolve the twin places?

They blend together

Where do I exist?

The harsh light fans out of the portal

Stepping over the pock-marked barrier,

Dirty finger marks on touch screen.

The oil from my skin on crisp white writing pages,

Digital words and shapes make harm on my human heart

The muscle reacts to the display, tandem feelings as I switch tabs

Soothing notifications/ message received comrade – I support you through this port-hole,

You support me.

I tap my keyboard for love of you, finger work

Emotional tech support.

Internet Culture – Peace

Where does one go when Nihilism becomes cliche?

Internet cliche.

Nihilistic memes.

Trends pulse and pop.

Do you remember when everyone was into sloths?

Then unicorns.

Buy plastic pastels


Sparkly notions dreamlike.

Then you get the backlash, the opposite fashion

Black nails again.

Mermaid time

Pearlescent greens and blues

Seashell pink,


We need things to suck up our sickness,

Rolling ideas gain traction

And become popular.

Cats are a constant.

The places we escape to are only so original

We can help each other find sanctuary.

Share, spread the good word.

Things grow and curl around our culture,

Become our reality.

Almost infinite complexity that we’re wrapped up in and made of.

I work to understand my own beliefs and where they come from, I’m certain of little, although I’ve learnt so much,

I want to be a gentle generation.

I want us to do the right thing.