Citizen of the Created world

I use the colours I want, if I want to use mud I will,

If I want to use the rain, I will

I use the fog for the smog, for the clouds

I use the moss, the scum off the pond,

I use salt water for the tears I collect off the crests of the waves,

I use ground up shells and lilies,

I use pollen – golden dust,

I use the rusted flakes off my old bike,

I use soot for your spite,

I use the light for the mighty way I dealt with it,

Forget-me-not sky,

Stone road,

Bone-chalk makes willow trees

Open plain – gap

Panes of glass shattered,

I make the water and it’s movement,

It pushes me through the pages to an empty one,

I’ll paint this together with my love, one day.

I’ll bring life here,

To this clearing.

I’ll realise I’m back to the world – a beautiful rock, of which I am a part.


It’s late

I wait for a reason to sleep.

But it doesn’t come yet,

I change into three versions.


Old, New and Now.

I deal with old’s aftermath,

I decapitalise it to disempower,

New is my favourite – might be good.

Now I just try and sleep.


Magical tags

Let me know where to go

I flick through the pages

I like to be doing ten things at once,

Multiple screens keep me feeling busy

Tabs, windows, pages, pens,

Pause that, Play this.

I sit on my bed controlling,

Here I have agency

When I drop them,

Put them on the floor and stare into the black mirror

I’m only myself and my feelings in the bed.

Internet Culture – Peace

Where does one go when Nihilism becomes cliche?

Internet cliche.

Nihilistic memes.

Trends pulse and pop.

Do you remember when everyone was into sloths?

Then unicorns.

Buy plastic pastels


Sparkly notions dreamlike.

Then you get the backlash, the opposite fashion

Black nails again.

Mermaid time

Pearlescent greens and blues

Seashell pink,


We need things to suck up our sickness,

Rolling ideas gain traction

And become popular.

Cats are a constant.

The places we escape to are only so original

We can help each other find sanctuary.

Share, spread the good word.

Things grow and curl around our culture,

Become our reality.

Almost infinite complexity that we’re wrapped up in and made of.

I work to understand my own beliefs and where they come from, I’m certain of little, although I’ve learnt so much,

I want to be a gentle generation.

I want us to do the right thing.