love you bbz

Thanks for your presence,

I reach out to you and you pour attention and “love ya”s my way,

I love when you’re happy and when you’re not I wish for better for you and let you talk about the same things and I’ll never mind that.

The same things come up even in a life of dynamism,

In a life of stasis, the same happens so thanks for listening to my sameness too.

There’s no pressure to speak if we don’t want, just your general presence in my box of treasured people makes me glad.

land god

the arc of my back bridges the sky and the thing below it

my body holds my own suffering in it and blends with the tributaries that flow so constant and fresh into my head

i dig my hands into the tree and it stretches up into my leafy fingertips

i spread my arms in the soil and the carpet ripples above with my sigh

my eye feeds the plants and fauna with enriching summer gaze

the puddles are my pooling sweat from creative effort

grass blades are the hairs on the back of my neck

they sweep in the wind of my breath and the dew is my morning tears placed on needle point


dum dum dum dum dum

passed around passively

dum dum dum dum dum

shot from a tunnel gun

dum dum dum dum

onto the next one

sitting blank

dum dum dum dum

expressionless across from

other passengers

drumming fingers on light grey


dancing round my mind with no music

dum dum dum

and the tunnel gun

flicks us onward and the

drum of the fingers on the track

shakes through the carriage

dum dum dum dum dum

and the whirring of the turning lump in my stomach

brings my organs forward and up onto my palate

and they throb in my throat

dum dum dum dum dum

via Daily Prompt: Passenger