We know little of your character.

When we hear your name we think tits and red hair and red lips like pillows.

Shiny coke can brilliance of your dress and the S shape that lies beneath.

Purple lids frame cartoon eyes and cartoon person looks out to see nothing and strains to portray your cartoon womanhood.

Reading of Unsettled in Suburbia

Just a video of me reading my poem “Unsettled in Suburbia” 🙂

Here’s a link to the original post:

Hope you enjoy 🙂 – it was my first time reading on camera – I’m sure I’ll improve with practice.

Also, sorry about the slight buzzing noise, I guess it’s my laptop’s microphone or something.



Unsettled in suburbia

needle striped houses

and polka dot trees

servile tulips that bend at the knees in

hanging basket greeting

of a queen so rarely seen

except for every day after 5

and weekends

and mornings

candy striped husbands

marshmallow motors

kids that skip unpleasantly

chipper to school

neighbours who swing

in Whoville unseen

grassy assed teenagers

stupidly keen on Ricky for some reason

with his sleeves a different colour than his jersey

and that jock swag of a chin too large

and an eye in perpetual wink