Marble golem made of white with heart of unknown colour

Marble golem made of white with heart of unknown colour,

Image of a jewel set in pearly granite, static or with a life-full thump?

Picture clashes with suggestive possibility of bone-thin casing

Spread like icing over cake.

Marble golem’s working cogs click or turn in silence.

Hinges hidden by a falter in my vision or by the perceived being, filled with elusivity?

How much of you is your ivory outside, are you dense or hollow?

If I cracked you would you emerge gasping, or would you lie in pathetic pieces of regret?

on the bog

i’m forever blowing boggarts

i blow them from the boggart tree where they grow wild and they fall in amongst the humans in places they call damp and deserted

where mushrooms grow in clustered clouds and shapes appear behind your eyelids and slink away before the opening