Reading Video of “Oof”

Hello 🙂 , just another video of me reading one of my poems.

If you’d like to read the original poem, it’s just here:

And here’s the video 🙂 :

H x

P.S. I recorded quite a few of these this evening, so there’ll probably be a few more over the next short unit of time.

Break-up blow-down

“It’s been a little time,

I’ve had a little think.

I don’t think I want you.”

He said with a wink.

“I’ve had a little time,”

He went a little pink,

“I have found another love,

I’ve made another link.

I know that you love me,

I know your soul may sink,

But this is the right way my love.”

He gave a gormless blink.

She looked back upon him,

Her eyes they made no wink,

Her face was stony stillness,

Mouth open, petal pink,

He deflated her that evening,

Pushed under the bed,

Bored with shagging blow-up dolls,

He cut a hole in Ted.