My notes compiled 3 – NPC (non-playable character)


Selling expansion (packs) –

Selling freedom.

Some things just can’t be done

because they’re not programmed in e.g.

same sex relations

or whatever-

secret societies


outside of game rules

the underground


this is for npc

the short story.




NB – This is part of an idea for a short story I’m writing – I will post it at some point, but I’m slow with prose.

I only have the beginning, which I have been tempted to post already but I need to have a another sift through it I think.



We’ve been locking eyes for a while.

Just walking by, you smile, then me.

I want you to want me back

And forth.

You look up from under your eyebrows,

You’ve got that corner on your face I can’t resist,

When we’re together I can’t keep my fingers off it.

Her strong arms and the curl of that cocky lip.

She has presence and that lilting sway lifts me to her.

Your voice drips down my back.

Foreheads touching, my arms around your neck,

You hold my waist and I go weak.

Kiss me in sweet circles.