millennial Houdini goes to bed to cry and look at gentle memes

bleak show re-runs soothe me

queenly gems leave me escaped and mildly inspired and sequinned

escapist tapping, rolling hand-plucked images nourish me

i’m spoken to sleep by strangers in my earphones

i fill my lungs with my friend’s soft words, a heart emoji makes a warm feeling in my actual heart

Shower (the strain of the mundane)

I’m sat on the shower floor, watching Peep Show through the glass.

My breath and the steam misting the panel.

I’m glad I don’t have to rush.

People are out.

Periodically the water goes cold,

Not freezing, just cold enough to be uncomfortable.

I wait it out.

When it’s hot again I feel blessed.

My hair goes from brown to black in the water – curls fight against the water’s weight.

I’m exhausted when I get out.

I lie on the bed in my towel – aching.

The labour of pulling a comb through curls combines with that need to distract myself from tiring thoughts.

That, in itself, is tiring.

I’m wiped out but I did something today and so I feel accomplished.

In a minute, when I’ve come round I’ll eat something-

Then I’ll have done something else.

I’ve learnt that struggling is normal, and I’m glad for that.

It helps me come to terms with my life sometimes.

And I will improve, I’ve improved so much already.