Sky of night

Sky of night, Lined and Chequered emptiness, Filled with things that have matter but don’t matter. Vast ocean, rolling waveless, churning possibilities in the minds of the tiny, Tiny bodies look for other tiny bodies in the black. Little people who feel so big -Share my tiny life with me.

Swan in the city

Pan fast through the city and it’s brown walls

Pan fast through the wires and the phone calls

Pan fast through the pipes,

Underground the man holes, pop out through the top Torpedo

Look from the clouds Parachute,

Swan, look from the navy night, keep cool in the star’s light

Pan fast over city with a speed unfounded,

Look down, reckless, as the poor stay grounded,

Glide past the city with a soundless motion,

Swoop past the city with a clouded notion of what it’s like to be a rat there

And bear the financial weight and the grating presence of swans.

Earth’s warmth

Soft Earth’s embrace

Heat rising from ground’s body

I imagine the boiling magma heart

Fall and rise in circles

Umber gold comes out in Autumn florals

Speckled warmth, dappled sky,

Colours flux and change positions


Orange shifts from tree to backdrop sky

Sun rolls downhill

Swallowed by Horizon’s mouth

Darkness rises – spectral sheet

Holes let the light through, shine.