Street story (3)

Walking back from the cinema,

It was really cold.

I have a fast cold walk,

The air gets in my bones so I walk almost leaning forward,

The rain coming in at an angle.

My mates were sharing an umbrella, I had my own – a small one.

It was dark and I was about 50 metres ahead, trying to get my blood pumping.

Two men in their forties or fifties, grey coats, one with a cap and stubble:

“You’re a sexy little minx aren’t ya?”

I pretended I hadn’t heard, kept walking.

“Fucking streetwalker” under his breath.

I led in bed stewing all night.

Things people say on the street (Street story 1)

One night

I was walking on the street

Going to meet my friend.

It was dusk,

I was on the phone to my mum and she was telling me something

I cant remember what it was,

But it wasn’t good.

My face must’ve showed – it does that.

I saw three men, or maybe four

In a group, standing by a street sign in a circle,


I kept walking,

I was talking too.

Both talking,

Me walking.

“Miserable bitch” one said

“Oh Fuck off ” I said. “What’s it got to do with you?”

This is why I don’t like going out.

Someone could’ve been dead for all they knew.

Not like they gave a shit – they just wanted to show they disapproved of my face I assume.

Why should I have to be on guard all the time?

If that couple hadn’t been on the other side of the road, I mightn’t have shouted back.

I was glad I had flat shoes on, could’ve made a run for it if I had to.