A landscape built at ten past midnight

Rolling hills, grassy carpet daisy-dotted,

Teletubby land but without the disturbing lion and bear who were the fear of all kids born in the nineties,

A vegan KFC plopped in the middle provides ethical nourishment in the land of Bedfordshire,

Red and white tiles, but we’re in England, not America – I assume.

And I can sit on the floor it’s that clean, just in the corner where I like it.

Cake and custard for afters and you don’t have to pay, obviously, because who pays for things in dreamlands.

Gritty heroes II – Tele-grit

What about the psyche of the hero as he’s lifting up that car?

The hero as the outsider, rather than the star.

What will be the trope in years to come?

I hope we get to see Tinky Winky’s drug addiction.

How he couldn’t cope with fame,

And had no one else to blame but himself

and now he sits there eating tubby custard with his hands

and lighting up a spoon.

Po comes in hammered and calls him a useless purple shit and they scream at each other from fuzzy narrow mouths,

Before crying on the kitchen tiles, all sad and poor and round.